My name is Yumi, and I’m happy to see you’ve found my blog. I am a peculiar person and I love Anime, Manga (Shojo, Light Novels), Video Games, Japan, Random Encounters, and computers. (Kittens too.) I tend to focus on life and keep things happy by balancing the things I like and exploring my surroundings. I generally spend an evening at my desk either playing games or watching Anime, writing about things, talking to people, or downloading various things.

Although I rather seem to spend a lot of time reading, I still seem to find time to sit back and reflect on the goings on in my life and I hope to somehow place that here… I’d like to get to a point where I can review and discuss the things I like with you all who also like them, and hopefully even contribute or help people make decisions. Thanks for reading, come back soon.

So sleepy...