You'd better have a good year

It is finally 2011, a time for many to renovate their lives and try their best to keep resolutions. I hope that it may be a very lucky new year for all of you. A personal resolution of mine is to focus on myself this year, last year I didn’t get a lot of what I wanted to get done finished, thus I plan on making this a year where I can just focus on happiness and the things I love. My family, my friends, anime, Japan, writing, reading, computers and the rest of my passions. What are your resolutions, and why?

Having just returned from Anime Day #3, I can safely say it was a great start to the year. Friendships were tightened and formed, video games were played, anime was watched, and sugar was ingested. There were many raffles, tournaments, rare games and oddities at the lock-in and I am so pleased that I went. For all of you who couldn’t come, I hope to see you next time!

On another note, I am considering buying a game pad.

This is beginning to feel like a great year, and I hope to bring the most out of it.

Also, another goal of mine this year is to participate in the Post A Day 2011 WordPress challenge. This should prove to be most interesting and productive for the blog.