In the end I had smoked cheese and crackers.

Today started off slowly and almost felt like a dream… I woke up and started listening to The Beatles as I devoured some saltwater taffy that I procured last night, as a wise friend once said: “you have 2 terabytes of saltwater taffy.” Oh, and though this is just a personal post, don’t expect it to make much sense, today didn’t make much sense.

My goal this morning was to buy a new towel, my old towel has blue hair dye and blood stains on it (very clumsy person), but I ended up losing about 2 hours transferring money from a coin jar to my Kitty Bank. Though my plans to procure a new towel were spoiled, I did end up getting some work done (see: playing video games) and made great progress on my great adventure this upcoming summer with friends and candy. Taiyou con is nearly here, I am very excited.

I ended up going to the grocery store and buying chocolate milk, fruit punch, smoked cheese, and crackers.

It was a good day. ~