>>Update: due to not having access to a computer while at the con, and the general complication of using the somewhat bad wordpress app, videos and pictures are being finicky, thus it may take awhile for them to get up on the site.

Finally, it is
here. Departing towards Phoenix today, I am very eager to see what
they’ve done with this first year of Taiyou. There will be plenty
of pictures posted here and added to this post regularly throughout
the weekend, and remember, you have until Monday at midnight to
post in any post tagged “taiyou-con” to enter the raffle. Expect to
see a huge variety of things from video games, to the performers,
to guests, to miscellaneous Anime goodies, and as much as I can
handle! I have a surprise for everyone as well, so expect that
Saturday night. In other news, I plan on reviewing a few eroge this
weekend too. You will have to wait for that as well. ^-^, this will
be a grand adventure I am most assured.

David’s band performing: