[Update!] [5:41 1/12/2011] New pictures have been found and added.

Taiyou-con is finally over. So many memories were created, so many friendships planted, and an incredible amount of rice was eaten. At one point I was just so happy to be there I ended up wearing a dress to the enjoyment of my friends. Ah, and with the end of this monumental convention comes the end of the raffle. Sorry, but entries are now closed. However, winners have been chosen. So check your email soon guys. ;3

First as we arrived I began taking as many pictures as possible as fast as possible, it may seem unorthodox but it’s truly a great hobby of mine. I cosplayed in my friends Marisa-chan dress and stole the precious thing, and participated in an amazing FF:BC group as gun. Sadly not everyone could make it as originally planned, so gifts were purchased for them. ^-^

Pictures are available on the link below.

I love seeing people smile. The results, are below.