I am very excited, Dengeki Moe Oh 2011 will be here this week, and Ore No Imouto Volume #1 will be here next week! I’ve been focusing a lot on building up my collection of Manga lately, and decorating my my place as it was very bland and normal until recently. Currently there is a Haruhi Suzumiya wallscroll with the female cast in swimsuits on one wall, and a Rin Vocaloid wallscroll on another. On my desk is a Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank, a pair of Razer Headphones, and my computer set up.

I’ve been feeling heartbroken and sad this past week but I am getting over it. Friendship’s are straining… It’s getting better though; and I’m feeling fine as I’m typing this out. I want to get to work on subbing Bakemonogatari later tonight but I’m feeling kind of lazy. Maybe I should marathon K-On… I do have the blu ray. -;~;`