Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (or OreImo for short,) is truly unique. Replete with multiple instances of suggested insesuto, one would think this series is nothing but pantie-shots and sex. However, if you assumed this series is a festival of aniki-imouto lovemaking, you’re incredibly wrong. (For now at least…)

OreImo is a story of Kyousuke Kousaka, trying to counsel his closet-otaku sister Kirino Kousaka in life and becoming happier. Due to their father strongly discouraging anything related to Anime because of a widespread belief that otaku’s will become criminals, Kirino hides her eroge and anime from the family and generally ignores her brother.

One day, Kyousuke finds an Anime DVD in his household; unsure of who’s it is, he brings the title of it up at dinner to his father’s disapproval, and Kirino’s apparent dismay. That evening Kirino is caught by Kyousuke as she is breaking into his room, looking for the DVD. It is soon found that the DVD is her’s, and inside is in fact an eroge. After Kyousuke’s promise to keep it a secret, she begins to let him into her life and teach him about herself and her collection of Anime.

What I find remarkable (and appealing) about this series is how relevant it actually is to modern day, and how the bond between brother and sister isn’t blurred with sex and fan-service. While the series ran for a relatively short half-season (12 episodes, according to the official website, this is not the true ending. It is in fact only the “good ending” and they are planning on releasing a blu-ray that will contain four un-aired episodes that are apparently no good for television. What could this mean? Do Kyousuke and Kirino run off together? Is there just more life counseling? We have to wait to find out.

There are two versions of 12 episodes a nutshell.
12 stories is a form from the middle branch.
One of them, “Good End” will be the last episode of the TV broadcast.
The following story is just another 12, and 15 the last episode of the story.

According to that link, however, we shall know of the ending long before the blu ray is released. Maybe I should stream it here?!

The series is truly good, and it has a great flow to it… Yet I cannot help but feel a little sad… It feels as though it had no closure. I feel like the writers took it more lazily then the fans would have liked, and stretched out the last episode leaving some questions unanswered. What happens to Kuroneko? Does she find happiness? What is Saori’s story? Perhaps the “true ending” will answer those questions, only time will tell. Considering the 4th novel of the Manga was considered legendary for letting readers take a survey to determine the ending, could that have influenced this sudden announcement of more episodes?

On a biased note, I’m so happy Kirino is my waifu.

The storytelling is from Kyousuke’s point of view, which I did enjoy. He seems to truly care for his sister, and he puts up with her violent Tsundere attitude. He seems to make friends with Kirino’s “girls only otaku group,” and seemingly bonds with friends of Kirino’s from school, even though he practically molested her in front of their eyes. It’s a great story and I’m happy with what was done with it. I feel like every reader should watch this anime, or read the manga through at least once. Because of this, I have no inclination to post my rating of it, as I think everyone should go into this Anime just hoping for the best, as they wouldn’t be disappointed.