I feel both incredibly happy and slightly let down… I headed to Phoenix today to explore various Otaku shops only to find that all closed down…but one. A small shop at the corner of the Metro Parkway mall, All 4 Anime is a very sudden change of pace from the standard mall store, as it was a wonderland of Anime, Drama CDs, DVDs, Clothes, Pillows, Figures, and so much more. After 2 hours of browsing I decided on a FLCL OST & Drama CD, a Tsumugi Kotobuki beach figure, and a carton of Ramune Melon flavor.

The shop is quaint, but definitely a haven for anyone who is interested in this culture. I quickly made friends with the two employees there, who were helpful and kind, and they pretty much let me stare at expensive things for odd periods of time. Shortly after I traveled to a restaurant that a friend works at, and nom’ed on Vegetable Lo Mein while teasing her from afar.