I have been working really hard today to get some work done. I did, and now I am just relaxing. Family breakfast in the morning, so that should be good. It was kind of a bad day but I’m recovering. This looks like it will be a bright week though.

Ore No Imouto Volume #1 will be arriving, my ricepaper screens and bamboo mat are coming along this week as well. I’ve been listening to my Drama CD, it’s so amusing. I love Furi Kuri. I made a wishlist on Jlist that I’m going to work on so that I can have a realistic expectation of what to order, when it’ll arrive, and when I can post about it here.

I recently received a nice scanner, so I will be able to upload things as actual scans, and not just pictures from now on. This will result in higher quality, printable pages. That is a great thing for all.

I hope my dakimakura comes soon! D: