I have been thinking a lot recently on a MewMewBox website… For example…is it necessary? Would someone actually visit it? I’m not really sure. It would need more then just the blog, perhaps a shop, or anime to be streamed. I need advice… I can do the code but will it be the same?

It’d let me a do a lot more than just having it hosted on WordPress, and I could do more with it, but it also comes with a responsibility to maintain it, whereas WordPress is a system that I can just alter and fiddle with at my leisure. Perhaps I would need to find the right way to manage it.

I really like Mew Mew Box… I’m happy with it’s progress and I don’t want to damage that idea, I need to think carefully. I have some input from friends on what they think would be useful, and I need to consider that as well. Does anyone have any ideas?