Lately I’ve been staying up past 6 in the morning. Personally I blame Monty Python’s Flying Circus, but, I doubt anyone would accept that excuse. It’s just so fantastic. Looking up clothing as I haven’t bought any in quite a while, and I’m down to one pair of jeans and one pair of dress pants, half a coat, and a bunch of t-shirts from J-List… I am listening to a CD I picked up the other day.

I have too much backlogged Anime and Manga…I must start finishing what I have before I buy any more. That means reviews though, so that should be good for you guys and the blog and stuff… I am working really hard on getting some stuff together for a website. Maybe I can get it up this month. Don’t want to rush things though so that’s tentative.

Some of you might have noticed some changes around the blog… I added a search bar, an archive dropdown, and a total unique view counter at the bottom, and a project page at the top. I wanted to add functionality without compromising the personality of things.

On a similar note, I’m sorry to everyone that things have been so up in the air. I’m trying to fix my life-situation while maintaining strenuous friendships. Things are improving though.

I guess I’ll finish what I have of K-on or Moetan tonight.