It’s so early, but it’s so late. I don’t know how I feel about 3:54 PM but he and I must chat more. I made a My Anime List account. It’ll be a good way to track series and news on them I suppose. I’m sitting in my chair just thinking a lot about the discourse of this post… I can’t promise you where it will go but it’ll go somewhere. Yesterday my bamboo mat and my rice paper screen came in the mail like I mentioned earlier, and the effect they are having on my room is only beginning to sink in. The bamboo rug’s aroma is mixing with the rice paper’s scent. It’s a pleasant late spring-early summer smell… I feel so lazy. I decided that if I ever get a cat it will be a Bombay breed. They seem agreeable and they don’t shed to much… Nyaa… I love cats. I finished K-On tonight. Maybe I should write a review.

I think I only need a little more decoration for this place to be presentable… maybe some furniture. I’m having friends over Saturday evening for tea and snacks, anime and video games too. It’ll be nice to see them again.

I went to Sandyi Oriental Market today and I bought a box of mixed mochi, lychee Calpico, fudge Pocky, ichigo milk candy, Light-Salt chips, and an azuki bean bun. The bun was really good and I shared some with my Dad.
Last night I had a dream that I was in love with someone and we were sitting at a desk by a window, and we got lost somehow. Wonder what it could mean.

For my evening meal I had rice and beef (the only meal I can eat with meat in it, or I get physically ill) and choco milk… It was really yummy. The Calpico ended up being expired and I was sad.
I think when I start the website I don’t want to start it without a purpose beyond the blog. If it’s just the blog, then WordPress works just as well as a website, but with free advertising. Anyone think Anime streaming would be cool?
Let me know sometime.

I think this Friday I’m going to order some new clothes… I’m due for some as my selection is thinning out. I need a new coat, a scarf, some pants…and maybe a t-shirt or two. I will probably order the stuffing for my Dakimakura then too.
The hug pillows are so expensive, especially considering the cases are too. Twenty to fourty dollars for a case and forty to sixty for the pillow can be pricey on my budget but it is well worth it for back pains and the adorable Kirino-san.
I am getting excited for Pokemon Black and White. I’ve been abstaining from reading the information on it so that it will be fresh and new. I know of a few Pokemon and a few mechanics, but not much else. Oh, today I went to get the Shiny Entei event. I now have two shiny Raikous, and two shiny Enteis. A friend of mine and I joked about the pronunciation of Entei.

I wonder if I’m tired?