Saturday evening some good friends of mine, Ota, Fetz, Toshi, and Muffin came over to my place of residence for a night of grandeur and candy. After watching sufficient Anime, eating a lot of cake and sweets, and playing LittleBigPlanet for hours we finally settled down and started to play Japanese Mahjong. I was unfamiliar with this type of mahjong until Toshi taught me how and we all played quite a few matches.

I won some things on eBay too! Both a Mijumaru and a Tsutarja phone charm! (^- ^ *)
I’m so happy… though Pokabu is still eluding me! I found two but lost the bidding on one. Hmrph. I guess I need to keep bidding!

I need to take some more pictures. I’ve been getting behind.

I’m going to write a K-On review in the morning. I spent all evening cleaning up after our raucous occasion so now I’m pretty worn out. Hum.