Having recently finished this series, all I can say is “…” In twelve short episodes (though there is more after these, the main arc ends at 12) it throws you into the life of Yui, a clumsy and inherently forgetful moe character as she is late for her first day of school. As she runs out the door with toast in her mouth, (a tried and true cliche,) it’s evident that she is going to be adorable for the rest of the series.

As it turns out, she was not late, and her clock was wrong. Getting in place for the welcoming ceremony, she wonders what life will be like in High School. After the formalities, countless club members swarm her trying to recruit. The only trouble is, she isn’t interested in any of them! After about half an episode’s deliberation, she decides a light music club is best for her, even though she plays no instruments. Finding her way to the K-On (Light Music) group room, she is greeted by an excited group of girls, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi.

Having built Yui up in their heads to be a professional rock-star, they are at first let down to hear that she plays no instruments; however, after having tea and snacks (which plays a big role in the series) they convince her to stay and she decides to pick up guitar.

The series follows a flow of Yui’s life, mostly, and generally each day in K-On ends with her feeling excitement or happiness from accomplishing something. The Anime follows this path of logic, presenting a problem, and having the main characters solve it using bonding and practice.

Later on another character, Azunyan is added to the group, and has a much less carefree attitude then the rest of the band. She believes they are too carefree and won’t make any progress without practicing more. After some time spent getting to know the others, Azunyan finally relaxes and becomes slightly more lenient with them.

Sometimes I get the impression in a series that any more characters would be too much for the plot to handle, and in all honesty I felt this way about Azunyan. She was much too negative for the stories vibe, seemingly, but after suddenly being revealed to be a tsundere when she is fed sweets, all of those worries washed away. She was more of a challenge to understand then any other one person in K-On, as she presented to the series many sides of her personality.

Though the main of the series is over (a half season at that,) more episodes are being released that seem to be finishing off the story. Maybe the goal of their light-music band will be reached, and the quintet will perform at Budokan?! Though, having only read some of the Manga, I could be entirely wrong on this point.

I feel that, even though sometimes the plot can be repetitive, the way K-On is told from mainly Yui’s point of view, but not solely her’s, allows for superior character and personality building in the eyes of the audience. The difference between this and many other slice of life series is that when something troubles a character, it can surpass just one instance, and sometimes is an important plot piece. It would seem that having both a healthy mix of ridiculous situations and heartfelt moments (with surprisingly little moe,) is the best setting for K-On.

The animation, while good, has a different style then most. Though this would make sense normally, it is odd for many series to do this: the farther the camera is from a character, the less detailed, and more chibi they seem to be. Their hands lose detail, and their eyes sometime become colorless. It’s not necessarily a complaint, but more of something to ponder.

Surprisingly, K-On episodes left me jumping in my chair, excited to see what would unravel. I felt giddy and innocent watching the series. Not a lot of television can really incite these feelings, but when one does, it generally can garner my full attention start to finish. The music theme, while odd, was a great change of pace from generic high-school slice of life series, and oddly felt right for the time the series aired. Sometimes I have to remember the characters don’t really exist, and then I become sad…

8/10 Onigiri :3