The first month of this new year, 2011, is now officially over. It was a very productive month, and I hope the rest of this year can be just as fulfilling. The blog is now officially just over a month old, and I’m celebrating with pocky. Some thoughts have been filling my head,  every month is a theme for my life, and will be a milestone (literally) of my progress in life. January was a month for rebirth, and February will be a month of emotions too. I’m using 2011 for my chance to live better; happier.

Every month can be nothing but an emotion, and a marker of my successes as much as my failures. It’s helpful to think of life in this way for me, because if I count how each month goes, I can find balance in my life, relationships, friendships, and work. Each month can be used to work on new things, or to discover, or try.

January was a month of rebuilding. I wonder what February will be like. Good evening, friends.

P.s. The post picture is a 1920×1200 wallpaper, grab it. (* w *)