I’ve decided to undergo getting a website set up for the blog, this will take awhile though as I want it to be perfect. I’d like to thank everyone who donated as that is incredibly kind, kindness that I won’t and don’t deserve; therefor I will make the best use of that money I can for the blog. Thank you so much, guys.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with Toshi and solving an issue with cosplay purchasing for Con-Nichiwa, and a dear friend of mine is making me cookies. I will probably go see my ojiisan too. ^ – ^
I am writing a Higashi No Eden review as well, but I’m taking my time on it as it was a complex series.

I’m also working on rebuilding my happiness, my innocence, myself. I need to make my own happiness before I can do more for others. That is my goal.

P.S. The picture is a 1920×1200 wallpaper, maybe I’ll make a habit of giving them out. =3