I’ve been meaning to post or write something like this down. Even though I’ve hit (and will hit) bumps in the road this year, that doesn’t mean it will dampen my spirit. I have a life some would kill for and I’m lucky every single day to be living it.

Here’s what I want to do in 2011.

Become a Stronger, Better Person

2/14/2011 – Spend Valentines Day with a certain Someone

Play more Pocket Monsters

Watch more anime

Make my parents proud

3/06/2011 – Get Pokemon White Version

3/19/2011 – do good at State Championships

3/20/2011 – Pokemon Mall Tour

Find Balance

4/1/2011 – Celebrate my mom’s birthday and make her dinner

5/xx/2011 – Feel determined

Enjoy Life

6/10/2011 – West Coast Roadtrip

7/21/2011 – Trip to Japan

Invent something new

Study harder then ever

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