March 25-27th. 2011 : 12:00pm Friday – 6:00pm Sunday

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
Tucson Airport-North
4550 South Palo Verde Road
Tucson, AZ 85714
(520) 746-1161

On March 25 – 27, 2011, we welcome you to Con-nichiwa!

We have been emboldened by the outpouring of interest from fans and attendees that there be a Tucson based anime convention focused on the fans.

We believe that fans should be able to attend a well organized convention.

We believe that fans should be treated with respect and that their physical and mental well being should be protectd.

We believe that if you purchase a ticket to an event, you have entered into a compact wherein you can complain or complement that event, without fear of retaliation or retribution.

We believe volunteers and staff should be treated professional and respectfully.

Staff and volunteers should be a part of the vision of the convention. They should be trained and given direction. They should bear witness to leadership that puts the fans and attendees first. In ways large and small, I personally and others from Phoenix Comicon and Saboten-Con are stepping up to offer leadership in bringing a singular, successful, and fun anime convention to Tucson.

We are announcing the formation of a new anime convention in Tucson: Con-nichiwa.

Con-nichiwa will be held March 25-27, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Palo Verde. It is being planned by those who have organized the Phoenix Comicon and Saboten-Con, with support from the Tucson Anime Screening Society (T.A.S.S.), Pima Anime Club, and AZHP.

I am fully confident that we will be successful. Through the Phoenix Comicon and Saboten-Con we have fostered excellent rapport with anime fans. We have met and worked with talented and skilled volunteers and staff. We have developed relationships with guests, sponsors, local stores, and media outlets. All will be leveraged towards the one goal of organizing a convention for anime fans where you can have fun, hang out with friends, meet voice actors, and be proud of and without hesitation.

This is a lofty goal. Together we will fulfill the promise we make with each convention we organize: fans will have a great convention to attend. We need your support. Your ideas. And most importantly: Your enthusiasm. And should you volunteer, and put your time and talent where your mouth is, you’ll receive a ticket and a t-shirt to the event. Easy as that.

We will offer leadership, direction, and training. We will offer planning. This is nothing new – it’s what I’ve been doing for years in my previous life on the campaign trail and it’s what we’ve been offering through the Phoenix Comicon and Saboten-Con. This convention will be directed by me for the first year, with the remaining staff being selected predominantly from the local Tucson anime fanbase. In future years the Convention Director will be selected from the local fanbase. And the focus shall always be on the fans and our attendees.

I remain at your availability.


Matt Solberg Convention Director – Con-nichiwa
Convention Director – Phoenix Comicon
Chairman – Saboten-Con