It’s not a story of violence, nor is it a story of teenage girls in high school. Black Rock Shooter is something else, something much more meaningful. It is a story of two girls, who cannot be apart. When one of them does stray, another form of herself takes hold and she loses who she is. Black Rock Shooter is a movie that, while living in two dimensions, has only one plot. The strength and bond of the friendship of Mato and Yomi.

While the artwork of this admittedly short movie is beautiful, I still noticed a few problems in the animation of running., Notably, when Black Rock Shooter jumps from the crumbling green dungeon into the sky, she jumps just seconds after actually being in the air. While the dungeon floor is not shown as she jumps, at the rate she is running it can be noticed that either she slows down (fairly unlikely), or the timing was just off. This was however, my only complaint and I only barely noticed it.

It needs to be said that while there is some glorious fanservice in BRS, the story is very safe and comforting. It is a tale of two girls who mean the most to each other, and when one parts from their world, it is the duty of the other to find her and be with her once again. I couldn’t sleep after watching the movie for the first time, I was so incredibly thrilled by the ending.

Mato, the main character is an athletic, yet somewhat ditsy lead. She is completed by Yomi, her graceful and academic friend. The two meet because of Mato’s curiosity on the first day of High School and a friendship buds. They begin doing small things together, and it grows into an almost dependence. They take the train together, email when they are apart, participate in athletics, and study.

When Mato befriends her coach in basketball, the two begin to spend more time together. Yomi feels betrayed and left behind, much like a third wheel. She disappears without a trace the following day.

There are two worlds that this anime lives in; our world, and a twisted fantasy world that is governed by Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. These are the alter personalities of Mato and Yomi, and are considered both different and the same people. Dead Master is Yomi’s dark half, whereas Black Rock Shooter is Mato’s cumulative heroic and brave nature. There is a third “other self” that represents the passive coach, Yuu. Each other self has an area that is associated with their real world half’s eye color. While Mato’s is blue and black, Yomi’s is green and black, Yuu is entirely different. Her’s is a barren dessert landscape. One might note that as she is third main character, the one who began this conflict, she is deserving of such a land.

The ending was slightly abrupt, and the story could have gone a little farther, but the rest can easily be imagined / guessed at as it implies that Yomi is to be found by Black Rock Shooter/Mato together. I can’t help but wonder, if Yomi passed away. It is a beautiful story… Though there was the animation gripe, I’d still give the movie 9/10 onigiri.