I have been so wrapped up in Pokémon White today. I ended up going to Toys ‘R’ Us and purchasing both Black and White, then I also purchased the collector’s edition of the manual. By purchasing both copies of the game I received two sets of stylus’ and now have my bed covered in various Pokémon merchandise. It’s been a really good day.

I am up to the second badge in White, and I chose the Starter Oshawott.

I have the Pokémon Oshawott *LV.16*, Pansear *LV.15*, Munna *LV.12*, Woobat *LV.9*, Purrloin *LV.5*, and Blitzle *LV.11* in my party currently. I have caught a total of 11 Pokemon and I have seen 12 within 3 hours of playtime. About average.

The graphics are superb, but lag a tiny bit on the DSi’s lower resolution. When the 3DS comes out that should be fixed, however.
The story is fresh too. I am having so much fun.