As it would seem, most of the destruction has tided. According to what I’ve last heard, the confirmed death toll is in the high hundreds. However, there are still some 700 missing. According to the Washington Post, the death toll is expected to increase as waves evaporate and return to the ocean, and areas can be cleared out and examined.

The tsunami has reportedly affected various power plants, however at most the nuclear power generators were able to release vapor, thus de-pressurizing the hull and preventing explosions from occurring, but government officials still suggest that people stay a large distance from said facilities.

It has been warned a few times by the Japanese government that people should still maintain a stay of higher ground, as aftershocks could still occur.

There was a rumor circulating on the internet that Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokémon and GameFreak had passed away in the wake of the tsunami, however Nintendo denied these rumors.

Many of my friends have made contact with their various families in Japan and there have no been no casualties, thankfully. Those important to me also did not pass away and are fine.