Luckily, today I was able to play Pokémon White once again! I didn’t make a ton of progress seeing as I was exhausted from working and studying all night, but I caught 5 more Pokémon, got a Cover Fossil, leveled my Dewott and Pansear to 29 and 28 respectively, restructured my team and I’m now ready to challenge the fourth gym! I plan on spending a good portion of tomorrow just playing Pokémon to my heart’s content, uploading some scans of the limited artbook and preview tin, and organizing my room.

Pokémon State Championships are next weekend, and so is the Black and White mall tour.
I haven’t decided on what deck to play, my options are hovering around a Sableye/Garchomp variant, Steelix Prime, and a Gengar Prime build.
I have the most experience with Gengar Prime, but Steelix is an awful amount of fun. Sableye/Garchomp is fast, and can be decent fun at times too. I put the most work in to Gengar Prime but Steelix/Sableye would be more successful.
What do you guys think? Power, Speed, or Trust?