Only four days away is Nintendo’s newest incarnation of the D S system, the 3DS looks to be a promising addition to their line of handhelds, but is it worth it?

So far it is looking to be promising. I’ve heard tell of Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion (a personal favorite), Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Street Fighter, and a lot of other exciting titles.

Supposedly there is Pokémon Black and White functionality as well. That remains to be seen however.

There is some talk of it being head-ache inducing as well. I can imagine as the design of the DS’ top screen is actually two different screens, layered above each other to simulate depth. Luckily, even though the viewing angles are bad, you can adjust the levels of 3D to a comfortable adventurous level.

There are two colors at launch, Cosmic Black and Aqua Blue.

Personally, I am purchasing Blue, as I have automysophobia when it comes to technology.

It is selling USD 250$ MSRP.