Similar to my previous list of things I’d like to accomplish… this is my list of things I would like to do…before I pass on someday. :P

Oh god, prepare the world for this list of oddities.

  1. Be truly happy and content
  2. Make friends with someone from every continent
  3. Make the world a better place
  4. Get better at drawing
  5. Learn to whistle
  6. Meet Paul McCartney
  7. Take a photo of a once in a life-time event
  8. Experience a once in a life-time event
  9. Cosplay Raiden from MGS4
  10. Live in a yellow submarine
  11. Catch ’em all
  12. Visit China
  13. Get a piercing then remove it and let the cartilage heal
  14. Be moe
  15. Be tsundere
  16. Get a cat
  17. Own enough clothes to only have to do laundry once a week
  18. Genetically clone a Bulbasaur.
  19. Help other’s become happy.
  20. Discover a new place.
  21. Discover a cure for cancer
  22. Sail as captain of a pirate ship
  23. Go to Pokémon World Championships
  24. Make my parents proud
  25. Make someone else’s parents proud
  26. Do right in the eyes of someone
  27. Find a decent forum username that isn’t terrible for once.
  28. Support my parents indefinitely financially
  29. Win a few food challenges / competitions
  30. Become pirate king
  31. Live an honorable life
  32. Be the best damn Journalist I can be
  33. Succeed and surpass my greatest efforts
  34. Change my hairstyle for once ( sigh )
  35. Feel fulfilled.
  36. Learn to be confident.
  37. Make a Video Game
  38. Maintain a website
  39. Learn a martial art (besides iaido)
  40. Beat a ruffian up with my wit and charisma (cough)
  41. Travel anywhere and everywhere