After resolving the rather…disappearing issue we had with the previous server, I decided to start it from scratch.

You spawn in a luxurious merchant ship in the harbor of an pirate-inhabited island, there is a light house, a quarry, a mine, an astronomy tower, two ships, a paradise island, and much more.

We add more to the world each day and plan on opening it publicly soon. There’s only one problem, when is a good time to release it? Potentially, releasing it too soon could hurt the landscape when people build without preparing first. Another issue that could occur is the amount of people that would try to access. On average, MewMewBox gets about 70 unique page views per day, and quite a few people out there (1,880,699!) own the game itself. Perhaps having both a whitelist and blacklist could help this issue.

The server is running on the most recent release of Bukkit – Minecraft Beta 1.4, and is updated frequently with releases. If Notch does not implement the piston mod for 1.5, we will also be compatible with said mod.