Over the past week, I’ve gotten a lot of time put into Pokémon White. (Thank god.) I’ve barely had time to play, but I’m catching up quite quickly. I recently beat Skyla, the 6th Gym Leader of Unova, my Pokédex is hovering around 80ish at the moment. For people who read my most recent Pokémon White post (circa 20 years ago), I’ve made quite the accomplishments.

I am really warming up to these new Pokémon designs, Litwick for example, is one of my favorite Pokémon altogether. At least in my top 15. Raising Zebstrika is also a pretty fun move, as he has Flame Charge to nicely match it’s electric counterpart.

Samurott is an amazing Whitebeard impersonator, and is my favorite starter as well. I may choose Snivy in my Black Version! Simisear is incredibly versatile, knowing Acrobatics, Fire Blast, Crunch, and Flame Burst… I get nice type coverage in-game.

I’m not sure how any of them are, competitively speaking, but I can worry about that later… For now… Adventure!