I’m heading to Pokémon Regional Champs this weekend, and thus I will be competing along side Fetz. The question is, what do I play? I took a risk and it paid off well at State Championships, but this is a much broader, more open tournament. More people, more advanced players. I’m trying to settle between three options.

GemLock – Comprising of Sableye, Garchomp C, Honchkrow SV, and a few other things.

  • VileWorld – Comprising of Gengar Prime, Gengar SF, and Vileplume. (Lost World)
  • Ursabear – Comprising of Ursaring Prime, Weavile, and bearness.
  • GemLock is my most reliable, strongest deck. I worry anyways.

However no-one would expect Ursaring Prime, and it’s crazy strong when it hits. It dies fairly quickly, though.

VileWorld… There is a lot to be said about this deck. For instance, I beat most every version of it I encountered at States, and that worries me. In theory it can be helpful, and fast too… but it’s a much bigger risk then I’m comfortable with. (To be honest.)