Well, I did… Abysmal. I went 3-5. It’s okay, though. I didn’t expect to do well either, this is an entirely different meta-game here, and the players are madly good.

Game One – I was up against a pokédad who was playing VileGar, a deck which I can normally handle if I lock them early. (It should be noted I am playing GemLock), however I ended up with the Bronzong G start. I couldn’t get it off the active for three turns and by that time he had two Gengar Stormfront, and one Vileplume set up. I had Murkrow but he knocked it and my charged Garchomp C with relatively little effort. 0-1

Game Two – I honestly don’t remember this round, I lost though. 0-2

Game Three – Playing against VileGar again, this time I take a separate approach and lead with sableye and I flashbit her active and Special darked my sableye for a prize.
She goes next and sends up a benches spiritomb and has an Oddish. After evolving it into Gloom, it becomes my turn and I repeat the process of flashbiting her active and then collector for Murkrow, Uxie and Garchomp c. By this point I practically won. 1-2

Game Four – Damn. I was a moron this match. I faced against an sp build with just a Garchomp start, for some reason I used a cyrus’ conspiracy instead of collecting for more basics and got donked. 1-3

Game 5 – Playing against VileGar, again. There wasn’t a lot to this match, I simply set up both honchrow and didn’t let him set up. 2-3

Game 6 – Let’s put it this way, he top decked Lost World when I had one prize left and he won. 2-4

Game 7 – Playing against a Miasma Leafeon build. She couldn’t get any supporters and I set up two Garchomp to alternate dragon rushing. 3-4

Game 8 – Time to break even… Except I didn’t. I played against my mortal enemy: trainer lock magnezone. I set up two honchkrows but he had the surprise Entai/Raikou Legend drop for game.

So, in other words I did terribly. I still love my deck and I believe in it’s potential, but it’s a shame I didn’t have any luck Saturday. A friend went 4-4, and another went 5-3. I don’t believe either top cut, but it was interesting anyways.