It’s baffling how fast this month is going by. Baffling. Silly words. Lately I’ve been enjoying this new series, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It has only about 3 episodes out as of the time of this writing but it’s already a very promising series regarding a small futon-alien girl and her man-slave, the main character. Moe as hell, as always.

I’ve been watching One Piece a lot to get caught up as well, #204 thus far. I really like [redacted] as a character, too bad all that [redacted] and then [redacted] happens.

In Minecraft the server is really making progress. We have 3 squares to our 4 square city, Relic Square, Indesinent Square, and Mahogany Square. The city itself has no name, but I kind of want to borrow the name from the Pokémon city, Opelucid. Ah, we’ll think of something. There is two ships in the water, one with the Yumibeard Pirate flag and is a Going Merry replica, whereas the other is a pirated marine merchant ship. Either way, both are adventurous.

We have a Nether and an alter world as well, dubbed Alteria. Alteria is a space where anyone can do anything and just have fun, whereas the main world is more structured and thought out. The Nether is a constant fight between ghasts and our railroad to the afterlife, though.


... Gaijin

I’ve been focusing a lot on the blog, in my thoughts lately. How can I do the best by my little creation, and still enjoy the most out of updating and putting posts in? I have so many ideas, but time has been sidetracking me. All this month I have been getting sidetracked.

I need to focus on my life, and MewMew is a part of it as much as anything else. I feel bad when I can’t update it, and have to backtrack and fill in the holes. I wonder if I should maybe restructure or create a schedule for my days. It could help…

I really love this blog though. It helps me get out my thoughts, emotions, and excitement to everyone who reads, as well as solve things out logically as I type. Hum. I just need to live it out as much as I can, then.

I really don’t want to let this year go to waste, I need to make progress, I will make progress. I must regain things I’ve lost and make the most out of what I have. I’m so lucky to be alive.

Oh, and my computer is overclocked at 4.4ghz at around 40 c’.