My name is Yumi, and I’m happy to see you’ve found my blog. I am a peculiar person and I love Anime, Manga (Shojo, Light Novels), Video Games, Japan, Random Encounters, and computers. (Kittens too.) I tend to focus on life and keep things happy by balancing the things I like and exploring my surroundings. I generally spend an evening at my desk either playing games or watching Anime, writing about things, talking to people, or downloading various things.

Although I rather seem to spend a lot of time reading, I still seem to find time to sit back and reflect on the goings on in my life and I hope to somehow place that here… I’d like to get to a point where I can review and discuss the things I like with you all who also like them, and hopefully even contribute or help people make decisions. Thanks for reading, come back soon.

This is my book to write in reviews and my thoughts and random information of adventurous proportions. I do not claim ownership of any of the images used on my blog and they are all each copyright of their respective owners. Thanks to WordPress for making this blog possible.