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5/28/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con


I have a twin, gentlemen! Yes, I know this may seem like a shock but she is older then me! I know, quite a shock indeed.

Today was spent rather lazily, we were all pretty dazed from the night before… but we were fairly awake in time. : P  I signed out from the hotel and headed down to the con, it was much less insanely crowded, but still crowded to an extent. Less pictures today, less to do, but still a nice day overall.

Attended a Clannad Panel, and that was about it! Sat around with friends and talked. Ate a lot of candy and had pizza from Z PIZZA. Met a friend’s girlfriend as well.

The convention was overall a LOT of fun, and it’s a great location despite being far from late night food outlets. It’s okay though, as it was delicious regardless. More milkshakes today, and ended the night by playing Pokémon.


5/27/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con

I didn’t get here til late today, specifically, EIGHT PM. It’s a shame, really, but I guess I didn’t miss too much. Firstly we were upgraded to a suite hotel room, which was amazing. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fridge and two HD TVs for watching NHK World on. We met up with a friend, Harley, ordered a stack of pizzas, and went wandering for milk shakes. The convenience of a nearby milkshake dispenser were very much nonexistent, as all three venues we visited for such a treat were closed (2 am).

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Well, I did… Abysmal. I went 3-5. It’s okay, though. I didn’t expect to do well either, this is an entirely different meta-game here, and the players are madly good.

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What are the Pokémon TCG Regional Championships?

The Pokémon TCG Regional Championships is a title event series where players in each of the three POP-recognized age divisions compete to earn the title of Regional Champion! The Regional Championships will be held in fifteen locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Results of the Regional Championships count toward your Premier Rating!

In addition, the Regional Championships winners earn a Travel Award to the U.S. or Canadian National Championships!

Prizes are awarded to the top 16 finishers in each of three age divisions (Junior, Senior, and Masters).

Pokémon TCG Regional Championship events are operated by independent Pokémon Organized Play Premier Tournament Organizers. Please contact the Tournament Organizers for specific information about their venue or scheduling.


When are the Pokémon TCG Regional Championships?

The Pokémon TCG Regional Championships will be held on April 16th, 2011. Click here for event dates, times, and locations. Please contact the individual Tournament Organizer for additional details. Some larger Regional Championships may hold the single-elimination finals portion of the tournament on Sunday, April 17th. Check the tournament listing for details.


Oh god, today I was so incredibly tired. Well, I was for most of the con to be quite honest. I tried to take as many pictures as possible though I promise. D:

I participated in a contest panel, became a bear, won some Pocky, played chess, walked to Circle K about 10 times with friends, went to ANOTHER Waffle House and had more delicious pancakes.

I cosplayed Ritsu Tainaka once more, it was fun and worth it but the wind must have granted thousands of panty shots to onlookers. Ah well.

It’s finally here, and yes, that’s me in a dress.

Con-Nichiwa is full of energy, and everyone seems incredibly excited to be here.

I started the day by going to a few panels, namely Mahjong 102, hosted by a good friend of mine, Toshi. Later we all went to a waffle / breakfast restaurant to enjoy food and cosplay, about 40 people occupied the small hall of said diner, and they all looked very odd. It was in fact our group of adventurers.

Pictures are to follow like usual. :3

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I ended up with 2 Plushies, 1 Figure, a T-Shirt, and an over-sized Celebi/Zorua card. Much fun was had and it was nice to relax after 13 hours of trading card games. Everyone was really friendly and the turn-out was spectacular.

Pokémon State Championships are almost here! This weekend. Here is the information.

  1. Arizona State Championships
  2. 11-03-000025
  3. Modified – Constructed
  4. 19 Mar, 2011
  5. 8:00AM
  6. 9:45AM
  7. (2011) SPT Championships 2011
  8. Sanctioned
*Required Fields
  1. Patricia McCann
  2. 602-791-4941
  3. Contact this organizer
*Required Fields
  1. Gamers Inn
  2. 1232 E Southern Ave
  3. Mesa
  4. Arizona
  5. 85204
  6. United States
*Required Fields
  1. FREE
  2. FREE Pokemon RAFFLES!!! You must be in the registration line with your decklist ready no later than 9:45am or you may receive a first round loss or not be allowed to enter the event. Don’t be late!


Friends. That’s what today entailed. Woke up and watched Anime, headed to the festival, got Teriyaki Chicken & Gyoza, attempting to eat meat again failed though…sooooo… I ended up eating rice instead and fed Derik. ^ – ^

The parade walked by yet again. I, along with good company, watched a tea ceremony and explored the booths.

I found a Yokatta, some candy, and even some protein milk that was astoundingly good.

Things are going great! There is a great vibe coming from everyone here, the vendors, the people, the perfomers, everyone. I had azuki mochi with some friends of mine, we met lots of great people, saw the oni-chasing ceremony, and quite a bit more. Most memorably I saw a few bands perform, and spent the whole day in the company of friends.

I met some people I had only known until recently online, and we all had a grand adventure throughout Phoenix.

Later on, we went to Venezia’s Pizza to attempt the 24″ 2-man challenge. Oisihii.