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We’re back, and with a website now! is now open to the public. It is a separate project of mine that is parallel to this one, and this one will remain online for archival purposes. All posts and scans will remain here for public consumption, but from this day forward, all new posts will be on MewSquare. 

It’s been a long, winding road for me as a writer of this blog. I had to take a break from it to attend to my life properly and to straighten all of the loose ends. The new website is the personification of that, but with hopefully a higher standard of content, appeal, and integrity. I love MewMewBox, and I will never, ever take it down. Think of this new site as “MewMewBox 2.0”. It will have monthly publications with packages of reviews, content, and much more. With some posts in-between, as well.

Most importantly, thanks to you, the reader, and I hope you’ll continue to check us out at MewSquare!


How do I describe this feeling? It’s in-between anticipation and anxiety, yet it feels good to relax. So many factors are weighing on my mind, I wonder if any of them are really even important to be honest. It hasn’t rained in a while, I wish it would. Isn’t it supposed to be monsoon season?!

I’m glad to finally have time off. I can’t wait for this project to unfurl for MewMewBox. I have about 30 posts to catch up on. It’s a shame, but I’ll do it. If I do two every day, I’ll be caught up in 2 weeks. : ]

So much Anime in my life lately, Episode 337# in One Piece.

Going to go for 4 Posts tonight.

Oh, did I mention I’m going to more Pokémon tournaments this weekend? : 3

I’ve been hearing a lot about some supposed new season for Lucky * Star, DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS?

Well, sadly, it’s probably just another rumor and is in fact the complete series on BD (still cool, but less exciting.) states about the rumor for the second two being false, but things have been spreading up with the potential release of the box set.

Lucky Star was, for me, a huge part of my life when it aired. Oh, the pocky we ate, the cornets we questioned.

Good memories are built with simple things, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.



Yes yes, it’s over already. There are more next week, but this is the first I’ve been able to attend. I ended up going 3-1, played against LostGar, MewPerior, ReshiBoar, and a Starter Deck. I lost to MewPerior due to a miscalculation, but it’s alright as the match was very intense and friendly anyways. Very compelling indeed. A friend, Matt, top-cut and beat the deck that I lost too with his LuxChomp, as per usual.

I ended up playing my old friend, GemLock, but this time using Blaziken FB LV.X. It seems to be a much more consistent play then running Expert Belts and VS Seeker.

  • Honchkrow SV x2
  • Murkrow SV x2
  • Blaziken FB x1
  • Blaziken FB LV.X x1
  • Garchomp C x2
  • Garchomp C LV.X x2
  • 4 Sableye SF

/various interchangeable techs.

I made 5th Place.

In addition to the launch of the Nintendo Shop on the 3DS this upcoming Monday (the sixth,) there will be a new Pokémon tool available to us: The Pokédex.

Working like an actual Pokédex, you must gather information on the Pocket Monsters to register them as seen, but this goes further. You must receive them via stickers (AR cards), spotpass, or from friends. This makes collecting Pokémon in this application substantially more difficult, as stickers only increase your spot pass possibilities.

Not only does it keep track of those you’ve seen, it represents them in 3D, displays all pertinent information, including moves it learns, it’s type efficiencies, stats, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free.

It’s so late in the year already. I’m just now catching up on MewMew. I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind, this blog is incredibly important to me, but the events of the past two months have been hard on my time. Luckily, now is my best chance to begin filling in the holes in my heart with happiness and fun. I’m regenerating that which I’ve lost, and slowly becoming happier in the process. Phoenix Comic Con was an amazing event and I’m so happy I could attend it. I had a wonderful time with all of my friends and though my phone broke, everything was worth it. 70$ worth of Junk Food, Pizza, and Milk Shakes. I have an old antique compass now too.

Later this summer I’m going to California, Washington, and Oregon. World Champs aren’t far away either.

I’ve been playing quite a few games lately:

  • Pokémon, The Witcher, Maplestory, Terraria, Maplestory, Buccaneer.
I sure love time off.

5/28/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con


I have a twin, gentlemen! Yes, I know this may seem like a shock but she is older then me! I know, quite a shock indeed.

Today was spent rather lazily, we were all pretty dazed from the night before… but we were fairly awake in time. : P  I signed out from the hotel and headed down to the con, it was much less insanely crowded, but still crowded to an extent. Less pictures today, less to do, but still a nice day overall.

Attended a Clannad Panel, and that was about it! Sat around with friends and talked. Ate a lot of candy and had pizza from Z PIZZA. Met a friend’s girlfriend as well.

The convention was overall a LOT of fun, and it’s a great location despite being far from late night food outlets. It’s okay though, as it was delicious regardless. More milkshakes today, and ended the night by playing Pokémon.

5/28/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con

Things really picked up today. I met Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg, spoke with Vic Mignogna again, and hilariously (awkwardly) met the star of the convention. (Guess who!)

I cosplayed Ritsu Tainaka again today, and finally achieved my requirement for a milk shake. Lines were SO long in the Vendor Hall, so after one or two trips I purchased my compass and set off on my way for adventure. A group a friends of mine and I bought a ridiculous amount of junk food, ate it all, and adventured some more in our room for about 3 hours before crashing.

So many pictures were taken. How do I even begin to share them all?


Name: Yumibeard Pirate Server

IP ADDRESS: 75.141.20


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Name: Nihongoes

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Server Since: Release