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In addition to the launch of the Nintendo Shop on the 3DS this upcoming Monday (the sixth,) there will be a new Pokémon tool available to us: The Pokédex.

Working like an actual Pokédex, you must gather information on the Pocket Monsters to register them as seen, but this goes further. You must receive them via stickers (AR cards), spotpass, or from friends. This makes collecting Pokémon in this application substantially more difficult, as stickers only increase your spot pass possibilities.

Not only does it keep track of those you’ve seen, it represents them in 3D, displays all pertinent information, including moves it learns, it’s type efficiencies, stats, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free.


Finally, the 3DS unboxing is here. It is truly the most beautiful handheld I’ve ever seen, more so then the PSP iterations, even.

The lid is slightly translucent on the blue, adding an amazing visual effect, and the black screen surrounding allow for really nice colors in games.

The dock is even nice too, as the 3DS doesn’t have to be plugged in for use; the metal prongs make electrical connections naturally.

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I’m so excited to open it, it was about 230$ USD at Toys R’ Us today and I had to purchase it. I’ve had the reservation for about 3 weeks, and thus it was sitting all neat in a box for me. I’m going to wait though, for a time to make it special. Jealous, WordPress?

Only four days away is Nintendo’s newest incarnation of the D S system, the 3DS looks to be a promising addition to their line of handhelds, but is it worth it?

So far it is looking to be promising. I’ve heard tell of Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Kart, Luigi’s Mansion (a personal favorite), Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Street Fighter, and a lot of other exciting titles.

Supposedly there is Pokémon Black and White functionality as well. That remains to be seen however.

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Ah…it’s a shame. My washing machine is broken and I still haven’t shaken this cold. I had to buy more clothes to actually have any clean ones. It’s quite silly. At least all of this time that has been given to me allows me to catch up in anime. It’s consequently hurt my Pokémon playing though, and that’s not right at all! * _*

I think I’m going to start practicing my drawing more until I feel better, and after the release of the 3DS I will play a large amount of Pokémon. What better way to get un-sick?

I’ve been drowning myself in the news lately too. Worrying. I’m glad that they’ve managed to contain the radiation, yet I know full well that it can’t all be contained. It’s scary to think of even drinking water being unsafe.

According to Nintendo, the official release for Pokemon Black and White version is on March 6th, 2011. Contrary to the originally anticipated release date, this is a month earlier than planned for them.

The posted video is the English debut trailer, and it seems pretty exciting and new.

I’ve been waiting awhile for the new generation of Pokemon to get into, I’ve heard from a few people who have played the Japanese versions that it has the feel of Red and Blue, but with modernizations. For the first time seasons will change, and version-exclusive areas will be included.