Yes yes, it’s over already. There are more next week, but this is the first I’ve been able to attend. I ended up going 3-1, played against LostGar, MewPerior, ReshiBoar, and a Starter Deck. I lost to MewPerior due to a miscalculation, but it’s alright as the match was very intense and friendly anyways. Very compelling indeed. A friend, Matt, top-cut and beat the deck that I lost too with his LuxChomp, as per usual.

I ended up playing my old friend, GemLock, but this time using Blaziken FB LV.X. It seems to be a much more consistent play then running Expert Belts and VS Seeker.

  • Honchkrow SV x2
  • Murkrow SV x2
  • Blaziken FB x1
  • Blaziken FB LV.X x1
  • Garchomp C x2
  • Garchomp C LV.X x2
  • 4 Sableye SF

/various interchangeable techs.

I made 5th Place.