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Yes yes, it’s over already. There are more next week, but this is the first I’ve been able to attend. I ended up going 3-1, played against LostGar, MewPerior, ReshiBoar, and a Starter Deck. I lost to MewPerior due to a miscalculation, but it’s alright as the match was very intense and friendly anyways. Very compelling indeed. A friend, Matt, top-cut and beat the deck that I lost too with his LuxChomp, as per usual.

I ended up playing my old friend, GemLock, but this time using Blaziken FB LV.X. It seems to be a much more consistent play then running Expert Belts and VS Seeker.

  • Honchkrow SV x2
  • Murkrow SV x2
  • Blaziken FB x1
  • Blaziken FB LV.X x1
  • Garchomp C x2
  • Garchomp C LV.X x2
  • 4 Sableye SF

/various interchangeable techs.

I made 5th Place.


I’ve just come back from Pokémon State Championships. I did greater than I possibly could,  thanks to the great support I got from all of my friends I ended up in the Top Cut, and eventually scored 5th Place out of about 160 people.

I ended up playing my GemLock deck, and it was a really good choice between my options. Gengar wasn’t ready for tournaments, Steelix was too clunky…GemLock was just right. I went 7 win : 2 losses. I made it to Top 8.

My team went 3-2, 3-2, and 5-1. Pretty good.

Today has been … fairly interesting. Heading to a photoshoot, I realized I had to wear s skirt and almost developed stage-fright. It was quite intriguing. Very refreshing to say the least.

The latter half of the day was spent with my good friend in preparation for Pokémon State Championships.
As it turns out my Gengar deck will be unplayable, and so I plan on using GemLock.

I will also be covering the Pokémon mall tour on the blog. ;3