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It’s so late in the year already. I’m just now catching up on MewMew. I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind, this blog is incredibly important to me, but the events of the past two months have been hard on my time. Luckily, now is my best chance to begin filling in the holes in my heart with happiness and fun. I’m regenerating that which I’ve lost, and slowly becoming happier in the process. Phoenix Comic Con was an amazing event and I’m so happy I could attend it. I had a wonderful time with all of my friends and though my phone broke, everything was worth it. 70$ worth of Junk Food, Pizza, and Milk Shakes. I have an old antique compass now too.

Later this summer I’m going to California, Washington, and Oregon. World Champs aren’t far away either.

I’ve been playing quite a few games lately:

  • Pokémon, The Witcher, Maplestory, Terraria, Maplestory, Buccaneer.
I sure love time off.

Similar to my previous list of things I’d like to accomplish… this is my list of things I would like to do…before I pass on someday. :P

Oh god, prepare the world for this list of oddities.

  1. Be truly happy and content
  2. Make friends with someone from every continent
  3. Make the world a better place
  4. Get better at drawing
  5. Learn to whistle
  6. Meet Paul McCartney
  7. Take a photo of a once in a life-time event
  8. Experience a once in a life-time event
  9. Cosplay Raiden from MGS4
  10. Live in a yellow submarine Read the rest of this entry »