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Having recently finished this series, all I can say is “…” In twelve short episodes (though there is more after these, the main arc ends at 12) it throws you into the life of Yui, a clumsy and inherently forgetful moe character as she is late for her first day of school. As she runs out the door with toast in her mouth, (a tried and true cliche,) it’s evident that she is going to be adorable for the rest of the series.

As it turns out, she was not late, and her clock was wrong. Getting in place for the welcoming ceremony, she wonders what life will be like in High School. After the formalities, countless club members swarm her trying to recruit. The only trouble is, she isn’t interested in any of them! After about half an episode’s deliberation, she decides a light music club is best for her, even though she plays no instruments. Finding her way to the K-On (Light Music) group room, she is greeted by an excited group of girls, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi.

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I waited all day, and it’s arrived! I could barely breath when I opened it; that new book smell, the nice binding, the quality binding, and that free bookmark. To put it plainly, the difference between manga here and manga there is astonishing, and should be put right. Sadly, I fear that much of America is losing it’s value in books and is instead looking to television and internet solely for entertainment. Enough of this waiting, I just want to post the pictures already I’m so excited! Click the link below >>

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…arrived today in the post. A full 200 pages of nothing but Doujin, Moe, Moe, and more Moe! Still waiting on Ore no Imouto, but with these scans comes a new feature soon.

and…begin the dump of the pretty artwork!