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Yes yes, it’s over already. There are more next week, but this is the first I’ve been able to attend. I ended up going 3-1, played against LostGar, MewPerior, ReshiBoar, and a Starter Deck. I lost to MewPerior due to a miscalculation, but it’s alright as the match was very intense and friendly anyways. Very compelling indeed. A friend, Matt, top-cut and beat the deck that I lost too with his LuxChomp, as per usual.

I ended up playing my old friend, GemLock, but this time using Blaziken FB LV.X. It seems to be a much more consistent play then running Expert Belts and VS Seeker.

  • Honchkrow SV x2
  • Murkrow SV x2
  • Blaziken FB x1
  • Blaziken FB LV.X x1
  • Garchomp C x2
  • Garchomp C LV.X x2
  • 4 Sableye SF

/various interchangeable techs.

I made 5th Place.


In addition to the launch of the Nintendo Shop on the 3DS this upcoming Monday (the sixth,) there will be a new Pokémon tool available to us: The Pokédex.

Working like an actual Pokédex, you must gather information on the Pocket Monsters to register them as seen, but this goes further. You must receive them via stickers (AR cards), spotpass, or from friends. This makes collecting Pokémon in this application substantially more difficult, as stickers only increase your spot pass possibilities.

Not only does it keep track of those you’ve seen, it represents them in 3D, displays all pertinent information, including moves it learns, it’s type efficiencies, stats, and more. Best of all, it’s completely free.

It’s so late in the year already. I’m just now catching up on MewMew. I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind, this blog is incredibly important to me, but the events of the past two months have been hard on my time. Luckily, now is my best chance to begin filling in the holes in my heart with happiness and fun. I’m regenerating that which I’ve lost, and slowly becoming happier in the process. Phoenix Comic Con was an amazing event and I’m so happy I could attend it. I had a wonderful time with all of my friends and though my phone broke, everything was worth it. 70$ worth of Junk Food, Pizza, and Milk Shakes. I have an old antique compass now too.

Later this summer I’m going to California, Washington, and Oregon. World Champs aren’t far away either.

I’ve been playing quite a few games lately:

  • Pokémon, The Witcher, Maplestory, Terraria, Maplestory, Buccaneer.
I sure love time off.

It’s baffling how fast this month is going by. Baffling. Silly words. Lately I’ve been enjoying this new series, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It has only about 3 episodes out as of the time of this writing but it’s already a very promising series regarding a small futon-alien girl and her man-slave, the main character. Moe as hell, as always.

I’ve been watching One Piece a lot to get caught up as well, #204 thus far. I really like [redacted] as a character, too bad all that [redacted] and then [redacted] happens.

In Minecraft the server is really making progress. We have 3 squares to our 4 square city, Relic Square, Indesinent Square, and Mahogany Square. The city itself has no name, but I kind of want to borrow the name from the Pokémon city, Opelucid. Ah, we’ll think of something. There is two ships in the water, one with the Yumibeard Pirate flag and is a Going Merry replica, whereas the other is a pirated marine merchant ship. Either way, both are adventurous.

We have a Nether and an alter world as well, dubbed Alteria. Alteria is a space where anyone can do anything and just have fun, whereas the main world is more structured and thought out. The Nether is a constant fight between ghasts and our railroad to the afterlife, though.


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Well, I did… Abysmal. I went 3-5. It’s okay, though. I didn’t expect to do well either, this is an entirely different meta-game here, and the players are madly good.

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Still taking it pretty slowly. My PokéDex is up to 109 so far though. I’ve been contemplating which are my favorites so far. It’s pretty hard to choose with over another 150+ Pokémon released.

So far I like:

  • Reuniclus
  • Chandelure
  • Kyurem
  • Thundurus
  • Just about everything else to some extent.
Sorry, I know that’s not descriptive, but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone!
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I’m heading to Pokémon Regional Champs this weekend, and thus I will be competing along side Fetz. The question is, what do I play? I took a risk and it paid off well at State Championships, but this is a much broader, more open tournament. More people, more advanced players. I’m trying to settle between three options.

GemLock – Comprising of Sableye, Garchomp C, Honchkrow SV, and a few other things.

  • VileWorld – Comprising of Gengar Prime, Gengar SF, and Vileplume. (Lost World)
  • Ursabear – Comprising of Ursaring Prime, Weavile, and bearness.
  • GemLock is my most reliable, strongest deck. I worry anyways.

However no-one would expect Ursaring Prime, and it’s crazy strong when it hits. It dies fairly quickly, though.

VileWorld… There is a lot to be said about this deck. For instance, I beat most every version of it I encountered at States, and that worries me. In theory it can be helpful, and fast too… but it’s a much bigger risk then I’m comfortable with. (To be honest.)

Over the past week, I’ve gotten a lot of time put into Pokémon White. (Thank god.) I’ve barely had time to play, but I’m catching up quite quickly. I recently beat Skyla, the 6th Gym Leader of Unova, my Pokédex is hovering around 80ish at the moment. For people who read my most recent Pokémon White post (circa 20 years ago), I’ve made quite the accomplishments.

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Via *

Card Types

Trainer, Supporter, and Stadium cards are changing with the B&W expansion. Poke Ball is now a Trainer – Item card. Previous expansions’ Supporter cards are now Trainer – Supporter and the Stadium cards are now Trainer – Stadium. Since the wording dealing with these cards has recently changed, you should know how these cards work together if you are using cards that express the same concept differently.

  • Trainer cards from Diamond & Pearl through Call of Legends should be considered Trainer – Item.
  • Supporter cards from Diamond & Pearl through Call of Legends should be considered Trainer – Supporter.
  • Stadium cards from Diamond & Pearl through Call of Legends should be considered Trainer – Stadium.
  • Any cards that reference those card types should change accordingly as well. For example, if a card from those sets says, “Search your deck for a Trainer card…” you should now read that card as saying “Search your deck for an Item card…” since Trainer cards are now know as Trainer – Item cards.

Also, Supporter cards no longer stay in play until the end of the turn. Any cards that previously checked to see if a Supporter card was in play now checks to see if a Supporter card was played. For Example, Probopass (Arceus, 7/99) reads, “If you don’t have a Supporter card in play, each of Probopass’s attacks does 30 more damage to the Active Pokemon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).” It should now read, “If you didn’t play a Supporter card this turn, each of Probopass’s attacks does 30 more damage to the Active Pokemon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).”

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What are the Pokémon TCG Regional Championships?

The Pokémon TCG Regional Championships is a title event series where players in each of the three POP-recognized age divisions compete to earn the title of Regional Champion! The Regional Championships will be held in fifteen locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Results of the Regional Championships count toward your Premier Rating!

In addition, the Regional Championships winners earn a Travel Award to the U.S. or Canadian National Championships!

Prizes are awarded to the top 16 finishers in each of three age divisions (Junior, Senior, and Masters).

Pokémon TCG Regional Championship events are operated by independent Pokémon Organized Play Premier Tournament Organizers. Please contact the Tournament Organizers for specific information about their venue or scheduling.


When are the Pokémon TCG Regional Championships?

The Pokémon TCG Regional Championships will be held on April 16th, 2011. Click here for event dates, times, and locations. Please contact the individual Tournament Organizer for additional details. Some larger Regional Championships may hold the single-elimination finals portion of the tournament on Sunday, April 17th. Check the tournament listing for details.