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How do I describe this feeling? It’s in-between anticipation and anxiety, yet it feels good to relax. So many factors are weighing on my mind, I wonder if any of them are really even important to be honest. It hasn’t rained in a while, I wish it would. Isn’t it supposed to be monsoon season?!

I’m glad to finally have time off. I can’t wait for this project to unfurl for MewMewBox. I have about 30 posts to catch up on. It’s a shame, but I’ll do it. If I do two every day, I’ll be caught up in 2 weeks. : ]

So much Anime in my life lately, Episode 337# in One Piece.

Going to go for 4 Posts tonight.

Oh, did I mention I’m going to more Pokémon tournaments this weekend? : 3


Yesterday was pretty bad, though I did make progress in my Pokémon White version, I seemed to have developed a virus somehow.

I had the worst nausea all evening and thus I was unable to update MewMewBox but now I feel fine. I’m planning on going on an adventure tomorrow, to get breakfast at Ihop, to the market to stock up on delicious food, and then home to play Pokémon once more. It’s nice to have this time off. I’ve been watching a LOT of One Piece lately, in anticipation of the next Oreimo episode as well waiting for the 3DS, State Champs, and Con-Nichiwa.

I hope it rains soon.