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It’s so late in the year already. I’m just now catching up on MewMew. I’m so sorry I’ve fallen behind, this blog is incredibly important to me, but the events of the past two months have been hard on my time. Luckily, now is my best chance to begin filling in the holes in my heart with happiness and fun. I’m regenerating that which I’ve lost, and slowly becoming happier in the process. Phoenix Comic Con was an amazing event and I’m so happy I could attend it. I had a wonderful time with all of my friends and though my phone broke, everything was worth it. 70$ worth of Junk Food, Pizza, and Milk Shakes. I have an old antique compass now too.

Later this summer I’m going to California, Washington, and Oregon. World Champs aren’t far away either.

I’ve been playing quite a few games lately:

  • Pokémon, The Witcher, Maplestory, Terraria, Maplestory, Buccaneer.
I sure love time off.

It’s baffling how fast this month is going by. Baffling. Silly words. Lately I’ve been enjoying this new series, Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. It has only about 3 episodes out as of the time of this writing but it’s already a very promising series regarding a small futon-alien girl and her man-slave, the main character. Moe as hell, as always.

I’ve been watching One Piece a lot to get caught up as well, #204 thus far. I really like [redacted] as a character, too bad all that [redacted] and then [redacted] happens.

In Minecraft the server is really making progress. We have 3 squares to our 4 square city, Relic Square, Indesinent Square, and Mahogany Square. The city itself has no name, but I kind of want to borrow the name from the Pokémon city, Opelucid. Ah, we’ll think of something. There is two ships in the water, one with the Yumibeard Pirate flag and is a Going Merry replica, whereas the other is a pirated marine merchant ship. Either way, both are adventurous.

We have a Nether and an alter world as well, dubbed Alteria. Alteria is a space where anyone can do anything and just have fun, whereas the main world is more structured and thought out. The Nether is a constant fight between ghasts and our railroad to the afterlife, though.


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It lived a short, short life. After two loads the motor short circuited. Well, so much for the luxury of a washing machine. The company is coming to pick it up but they refuse to replace it, so I’m getting the money back and buying a different washing machine elsewhere.

This sets plans back a bit, sadly.

I guess I will have to run around with a shirt on for about a week, at least  I have enough t-shirts to last me through this work schedule.

I finally have replaced my broken washing machine, that was close! I almost ran out of clean clothes too. Luckily, I preserved them for such a time. This new one is…Well it’s okay. I’m no aficionado on washing machine technology, but it cleans things!

I plan on opening the 3DS tomorrow too; posting pictures here of course. It’s been a pleasant few days really, and I have been watching a lot of anime in between doing other things.

I think it’s time I get a chair or seating arrangement in here, so others can sit in here too. It’s pretty singular at the moment.

I’ve been mulling over how to improve MewMewBox, as it greatly deserves more attention and improvements. I’ve made about five changes, so here they are… There may be quite a few more though!

  • Twitter feed at the bottom for updates on blog content and posts, also slice of lifin’
  • New RSS feed is in Beta, still working on it!
  • Reorganized bottom layout, more complimentary to the theme of MewMew + Organized this time!
  • Conventions are now archived on Project Page
  • Starting up on Weekly Desktop Posts, finally have more to update!
  • Slight changes to some pre-existing posts.
  • Working on a secret project!

Finally I’ve beaten this cold. It’s a pain, being sick a lot. However I feel adventurous and free once again! I’m catching up in One Piece fairly quickly too… I’m excited for Con-Nichiwa…and the 3DS is being released Sunday! I can’t wait.

Pretty mad though, at myself for a few reasons. Though… things are getting better. Much better, all of the time.

I’m finding ways to be happy, and even with a broken washing machine… I feel lucky to be alive.

Today has been … fairly interesting. Heading to a photoshoot, I realized I had to wear s skirt and almost developed stage-fright. It was quite intriguing. Very refreshing to say the least.

The latter half of the day was spent with my good friend in preparation for Pokémon State Championships.
As it turns out my Gengar deck will be unplayable, and so I plan on using GemLock.

I will also be covering the Pokémon mall tour on the blog. ;3

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya was incredible. There aren’t many words for besides heartbreaking and inspiring. I’m so happy I had the privilege to watch it in 1080p, let alone for free. To whoever sent me this blu ray, I am in debt to you. It’s inspiring, this movie. I am feeling very motivated and happy.

Time to forgive myself for letting myself down. Time to get motivated. Time to get pumped.

This month is Con-Nichiwa, Pokemon States, Pokemon Black and White release date, Pokemon Black and White Mall Tour, more OreImo episodes, and a few light novels I’m excited to read.

I plan on focusing on studies quite a bit this month, though, as much as all the fun. If I keep up, then I will be prepared for anything.

I’ve been building quite a few Pokemon decks that stem from random ideas. Most recently I’ve been working on Gengar and Garchomp. It’s working out pretty well so far, but I need to put some more effort toward it.

Oh, wallpaper distribution time.

February was, for me, a month of passion for many things. As I said before, January was rebirth… That means that February was a month of passion. I felt so many emotions and doubts. So many emotions expressed. Things are brightening. The Year is just beginning. Happy February 28th, everyone.

Oh, it wasn’t leap year.