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5/28/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con

Things really picked up today. I met Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg, spoke with Vic Mignogna again, and hilariously (awkwardly) met the star of the convention. (Guess who!)

I cosplayed Ritsu Tainaka again today, and finally achieved my requirement for a milk shake. Lines were SO long in the Vendor Hall, so after one or two trips I purchased my compass and set off on my way for adventure. A group a friends of mine and I bought a ridiculous amount of junk food, ate it all, and adventured some more in our room for about 3 hours before crashing.

So many pictures were taken. How do I even begin to share them all?



5/27/2011 ~ Phoenix Comic Con

I didn’t get here til late today, specifically, EIGHT PM. It’s a shame, really, but I guess I didn’t miss too much. Firstly we were upgraded to a suite hotel room, which was amazing. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fridge and two HD TVs for watching NHK World on. We met up with a friend, Harley, ordered a stack of pizzas, and went wandering for milk shakes. The convenience of a nearby milkshake dispenser were very much nonexistent, as all three venues we visited for such a treat were closed (2 am).

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