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Name: Yumibeard Pirate Server

IP ADDRESS: 75.141.20


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I started one! The official Yumibeard Pirate server! The first day we got 4 structures down, but after a flurry of chunk errors, whilrpools, and other nonsense, we have to start over.  ; ___ ;

It’s a shame too. I really liked that server.  Look forward to being able to play on it after we figure the situation out.

Still, I’m very excited. It might require a whitelist though, as too many people could crash / overload the server.

Have some player textures!

That’s right, there’s nothing no-one can do to stop me. I am now Captain of a Pirate Crew. We each fill rolls and rotate some duties, but as follows here are my mates.

  • Purser ~ James
  • Sailman ~ Ota
  • Doctor ~ Dawn
  • Navigator ~ Ileshaa
  • Meteorologist ~ Michael
  • Shipwright ~ Fetz
  • Sharpshooter ~ Aim
  • Swordman ~ Anthony
  • Cook ~ Marvin
  • Tactician ~ Walker
  • Musician ~ Ian
  • Storyteller ~ Derrik
  • Yumi – Captain

Oh~ The adventures we shall have. No one can say I’m not serious now. I just have to do my greatest.

Together, we are. . .

The Yumibeard Pirates